Lady Liberty 125th & Rizal 150th Anniversary

On an island on the entrance of the New York Harbor stood the copper colossus that celebrated its 125th anniversary last Friday, October 28th. The towering Lady Liberty is the symbol of America, she is score and five years younger than Dr Jose Rizal. An estimated 3.5 million people visit Liberty Island every year. On average, 204 people climb to the crown of the mother of exiles every day.
On this 150th Rizal anniversary, he wrote his date with the famous lady.
We left New York on 16 May 1888, Wednesday, at 9:30 in the morning. The crowd waved white handkerchiefs, mingling with the numerous red ribbons of the hats and neckties. Some were crying. We saw the Brooklyn Bridge. The Statue of Liberty rises majestically on the island. It produces a most beautiful effect. Many passengers came on board.
Few days earlier, Saturday, May 12.On board train from Chicago he wrote, We shall arrive at the English territory in the afternoon, and we shall soon see Niagara Falls. We stop for some time to see the points that are beautiful; we went at the side below the Falls; I was between two rocks and this is the greatest cascade I ever saw. It is not, so beautiful nor so fine as the fall at Los Banos; but much bigger, more imposing and could not be compared with it. The cascade has various falls, various parts. We left the place at night. There is a mysterious sound and persistent echo.
Sunday, May 13. We wake up near Albany. This is a big city. The Hudson River which runs along carries many boats. We crossed over a bridge. The landscape is beautiful; and it is not inferior to the best in Europe. We are going along the banks of the Hudson. They are very beautiful, although a little more solitary than those of the Pasig. There were ships, boats, trees, hills; and the major part is cultivated. The Hudson is wide. Beautiful ships Sliced granite rocks were paved along the railroads. Some points widely extended. There were beautiful houses between trees. Day fine. Our grand transcontinental trip ended on Sunday, May 13, at 11:10 A. M. We passed through various arches in tunnels.– the Art Age, 75 W. 23 Street.
Originally, the statue was supposed to be an Egyptian peasant girl that would have stood at the entrance of Egypt’s then-new Suez Canal, historians say, but plans would later evolve into the Roman goddess that would instead adorn New York harbor. Had the original plan happened, Rizal would have seen this peasant girl in Egypt. He passed the Suez Canal five times in his lifetime, his last journey on October 1896 when he was recalled to Manila for his final martyrdom.
He even sketched Suez Canal but I am looking for the other famous New York icon that he saw in New York. He penciled the oldest suspension bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge connected the island of Manhattan to Long Island in 1883.
Webcam has just been installed, Lady Liberty is going high tech on his 125th birthday. You can now get virtual panoramic view of the island online but this is what 27 years old- Dr Jose Rizal witnessed in the Spring 1888. The Lady was just on her second year in America.

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  1. 1 Nestor Enriquez November 2, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    When Dr Jose Rizal dated the Lady Liberty in the Big Apple

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